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The groundwork that leads up to a healthy empowering birth experience is laid down in the years before a woman gets pregnant. Health, relationships, life goals, career, and societal expectations all play a part in how women perceive and navigate maternity. These things also affect how we feel about the experience and integrate it into our lives.

Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on Image Inspired Radio with Terry Standish on the Lady Flava Network on TuneIn internet radio.  During this interview Terry and I talked about my Planning Ahead to “Have It All!” program, which introduces young women to the health and lifestyle, relationship, goal-setting, and fertility choices that women may make years before they even begin to think about getting pregnant, but which have an impact when they do begin to have children.

Terry calls herself an image inspired coach, and she creates programs that help women feel empowered to let their inner lights shine while looking and feeling fabulous and true to themselves. Her mission is to help ladies to lovingly connect with who they are and what they see in and on themselves. Together we work to inform and inspire women to be their most authentic, powerful, confident selves.

Enjoy the interview!

Listen to it here.

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Michal Klau-Stevens is The Birth Lady.  She is the creator of the 11 Steps to Planning Ahead to “Have It All” Audio Class, an on-demand, downloadable program that helps 20-somethings design a life they love that includes career, family, learning, and self-fulfillment.  She is a maternity consultant, pregnancy coach, consumer expert on maternity care issues, Past President of BirthNetwork National, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and mother.  Her website is TheBirthLady.INFO. Find her on Facebook at The Birth Lady page!

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