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The Mastering Maternity™ Teleseminar is a telephone-based class for newly pregnant expectant parents who want to learn how to navigate the maternity experience. Learn how to answer any question, manage any concern that arises, and make informed decisions about your maternity care. Use the ten-step Mastering Maternity™ System to guide you through any situation in which you need to advocate for your needs.


This teleseminar will be taught by Michal Klau-Stevens — The Birth Lady, and will include a live question and answer session.


In this teleseminar you will learn:

  • The Birth Lady’s ten-step Mastering Maternity™ System
  • Why expectant parents must be prepared to advocate for their maternity care needs
  • Common decisions that you will need to make during pregnancy and birth and how to find answers that work for you
  • Tools and techniques to help you get information to make informed healthcare decisions


After this teleseminar you will have a systematic way to approach questions and concerns during pregnancy, birth, and beyond to find answers that work for you. You will feel more confident in your abilities to make important healthcare decisions for you and your baby.


This is a live class and is only available on the date and time specified.

Classes are scheduled in Eastern Time Zone.

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Product Description

The Mastering Maternity™ Teleseminar

A great class for:

  • Newly pregnant expectant parents who want to confidently navigate the maternity experience.
  • Pregnant women and their partners who are looking for tools and techniques they can use to get evidence-based information to make important maternity care decisions.
  • Parents-to-be who believe in advocating for their healthcare for themselves and their babies.

This is a telephone-based class with a live question and answer session.

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January 24 1pm-4pm, February 28 1pm-4pm, March 20 1pm-4pm, May 1 1pm-4pm,


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