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11 Steps to Planning Ahead to “Have It All!” Audio Class


Topics in the class include:

  • Women’s health, diet, exercise, weight management, environmental concerns
  • Basic physiology
  • Fertility timeline, charting your fertility
  • Family medical history
  • Doing life in the “right order” in relation to fertility, career, financial considerations
  • Relationships, choosing a spouse or partner for life and parenthood
  • Social attitudes about gender roles and parenthood – working vs. staying at home
  • Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding
  • Finding supportive community
  • Advocacy tools

This class includes:

  • Over one and half hours of audio, which you can download to your computer or any MP3 player
  • A workbook with fourteen exercises to help you clarify your goals, values, and dreams AND expand your knowledge about women’s health, fertility, environmental concerns, relationships, career, and more!

Product Description

11 Steps to Planning Ahead to “Have It All!”:

The 20-Something’s Mini-Guide to Mastering Maternity and Building a Life that Includes Career, Family, Learning and Personal Fulfillment

 A great class for:

  • 20-somethings who want information so they can plan ahead to “Have It All!” and design a fulfilling life plan that will set them on the path to success in all areas of their lives.
  • It is for women who think they may want children at some point in the future, and are curious about what lies ahead so they can make better, informed decisions and life choices surrounding fertility, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.


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