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Congratulations on your pregnancy!


It’s an exciting time, and one that also raises lots of questions about what is good for you, your baby, and your family. There are many important decisions to make, and getting evidence-based information can be challenging and confusing.


I know, because I’ve been there myself (three times)! I also know when you need information or support you need it right away.


Here are the programs that will be most useful for you:


My free audio The First Five Things to Do When You Are Pregnant helps you start your pregnancy on the right path by giving you important tools and information about how to make the two most important healthcare decisions you will make early in your pregnancy – choice of place of birth and care provider. Even if you are further along in your pregnancy you may find helpful guidance in this audio. Sign up here to get immediate access to the audio.


aweber_logoThe Mastering Maternity™ Teleseminar is a telephone-based class which will help you learn advocacy skills to get your needs met . You will learn a system to help you make informed healthcare decisions, find providers who match your needs, assemble your birth team, find your supportive community, and more! The skills learned in this class will be useful throughout your maternity experience, as you advocate for your child’s needs, and can also be applied to many other areas of life. Learn more about it here.


pregnancymentoringPregnancy Mentoring is one-on-one coaching to get your questions answered and your needs met. No topic is off-limits, and you will have my experience as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, birth advocate, and mother to help you navigate your maternity experience with confidence and support. Start out with a complimentary Plan Your Ideal Birth session to gain clarity about your needs and desires for your birth. Click here to learn more.


You will find lots of useful information on the Blog. You can sign up on the Home page to get blog posts sent directly to you, or when you sign up to receive the free download you will receive them via email with a weekly message from me.

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