Pregnancy Coaching and Mentoring

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and a time when many expectant parents have a lot of questions! Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone with knowledge and experience help you sort through the information you need to make good decisions along the way? While your care provider needs to answer your medical questions, as your pregnancy coach/mentor I can guide you through the choices that you will need to make throughout your pregnancy and early parenting. I specialize in helping you:

Evaluate what is important to you and your partner for your pregnancy and your birth

Learn about what maternity care choices are available to you, and help you as you make those choices

Connect with providers who can give you the type of care you want to meet your needs

Process through the thoughts, questions and concerns you have as you go along your journey to parenthood

Adjust to being a new parent by being a trusted resource for information and guidance during this hectic time


Jen Wolpaw and Gabrielle

The most important crossroads happen at the very beginning of your pregnancy, with your choice of birth place and care provider. So much of what happens at the birth of your child will depend on those two decisions. Pregnancy and birth are transformational, and have an emotional and psychological impact as well as a physical one. With me as your pregnancy mentor you will have guidance to help you choose the place of birth and the care provider that will be most likely to give you the care that best suits your needs and desires for this life-changing experience.

Other questions that arise during pregnancy that I can help you with:

  • How can my husband or partner be most involved in this pregnancy and birth?
  • How can I manage the discomforts of pregnancy?
  • What is this test they want me to have done?
  • What should I eat and what should I avoid during pregnancy?
  • What’s a doula and do we need one?
  • Should we take a childbirth class? How do we find a good one?
  • What do we need to know about epidurals?
  • How can we avoid a cesarean?
  • What do we need to know about breastfeeding vs. formula?
  • What birth books and videos are worth spending our time on?
  • What do we really need to spend our money on during this pregnancy?


And much more! No question or concern is off-limits. Talking to friends and family may not give you the evidence-based information you need to make informed decisions. Learning from books, videos, and television might raise more questions than they answer. Having an experienced person who is knowledgeable about about evidence-based practice and real-life birth can make all the difference in the world.

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In a FREE 45-minute laser focused session I will help you:

  1. Identify your values, needs, and desires for your upcoming birth
  2. Learn about maternity care options that fit your needs
  3. Explore how to access those options in your community

I look forward to helping you feel empowered to make informed decisions in your maternity care!


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Mentoring is available in person, by telephone, and by Skype


“Working with Michal gave me the safety and confidence to have the exact birth I wanted. Her passion and love for the birth process coupled with her advocacy prowess made me feel safe and free to truly research all birthing options. Her knowledge and reassuring nature helped me not just for the actual birth, but also for the many months of my pregnancy, exploring different birthing methods, in a completely loving and non-judgmental way. I ultimately decided on a natural birth and Michal supported me every step of the way, navigating my midwives and the hospital. And of course, I will never forget the birth! In the end, I birthed a baby that was just 1 oz shy of 10 lbs, completely naturally! And it was Michal, by my side, for every moment, that gave me the strength and the belief in myself to go through with it, when there were so many moments I was afraid… Her gift combined with her genuine love for her work makes her a tremendous gift to any birth experience.” – Leia

Private Coaching/Mentoring Sessions

One-on-one mentoring to focus on your specific needs.

$269 for three one-hour sessions

$99 for a single one-hour session

(sessions can be broken down into 20 minute units if desired)