game board with picture of uterus and long umbilical cord as pathway for game piecesLooking for a fun gift to give to friends who are going to have a baby? Michal Klau-Stevens, of, shares how one woman used her passion about healthy birth and parenting to create a teaching tool that’s also a great baby shower gift. It’s called Down The Canal – The Game of Birth, and it’s a new board game that’s fun to play and inspires learning about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, infant care, and more.


It helps expectant moms and dads to learn about what lies ahead, and does it in a fun way, with a dose of healthy competition.


This game has 200 evidence-based questions to get expectant parents thinking and learning about healthy birth and parenting practices. It cover topics from healthy foods to eat during pregnancy and steps of how babies grow in the womb, to common terms that care providers use for body parts and medical procedures, to cues that a baby is tired or hungry. Described as “CandyLand meets Trivial Pursuit,” Down The Canal is a fun, creative way to prepare for having a baby.


The game was created by an enterprising doula named Betsy Schwartz, who worked for two years to research topics for questions, work with a designer to create the components, and find a manufacturer. She invested her own money to make the game a reality, and traveled cross-country with her husband, traveling in an old RV and staying in campsites to promote it, and now it’s being sold to doctors, midwives, nursing schools, doulas, childbirth educators, and expectant parents around the country. It’s truly a labor of love and a gift of knowledge.


To learn more or to order the game, visit Betsy’s website at