babiesruslogoI’m happy to be partnering with Babies “R” Us to bring you the information, skills, and tools that will help you learn to navigate your maternity experience like a pro!

We are offering two introductory classes and one in-depth program at locations around Connecticut and in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Class details, schedule, and sign-up information are below.

Please register for all classes at or by calling the store location.

Payment for the Mastering Maternity™ Seminar must be paid in advance through The Birth Lady Shop, and you must also register at or at the store location.



The First 5 Things to Do When You Are PregnantLearntowork

Free Class!

  • Get guidance on the two most important choices made early in pregnancy—the choice of care provider and place of birth, and an introduction to the medical and business aspects of maternity care that you will encounter
  • Learn tools for finding the right care provider and place of birth, how to identify your personal needs, and your supportive communities
  • Gain an understanding of the conflicts within maternity care between patient health, business needs, and liability concerns

Please register at or by calling the store location.


10 Steps to Mastering Maternity™

Free Class!

  • An introductory class in personal healthcare advocacy that teaches tools and skills for navigating the maternity experience through pregnancy, birth, and parenting.
  • Techniques for gathering evidence-based information to make
  • informed healthcare decisions
  • Tools to facilitate communication with care providers
  • Skills to manage the physical, emotional, psychological, and practical changes that occur on the path to parenthood

Please register at or by calling the store location.


The Mastering Maternity™ Seminar

For newly pregnant expectant parents who want tools and techniques to navigate the maternity experience and become their own birth advocates, and women who want to learn how to reduce their chances of having an unnecessary cesarean for their birth. The seminar focuses on The Birth Lady’s ten-step Mastering Maternity™ System, designed to guide pregnant women and their partners to make informed maternity care decisions. Learn the skills and tools you’ll need to have fewer medical interventions, better health outcomes for you and your baby, reduce out-of-pocket medical costs, have more confidence in advocating for your healthcare, and feel more satisfaction with your birth.

Cost: $75

Pay in advance HERE

You must also register for this class at



Classes at Babies “R” Us are on hold temporarily due to my heavy school schedule. Please check back in January 2016! In the meantime, download “The First Five Things” class here, or contact me about a private coaching session.

Manchester, CT

169 Hale Road, Manchester, CT, 06040
Phone: (860) 644-6084



West Hartford, CT

1559 New Britian Avenue, West Hartford, CT, 06110
Phone: (860) 561-0329


North Haven, CT

376 North Universal Drive, North Haven, CT, 06473
Phone: (203) 234-1164


Holyoke, MA

50 Holyoke Street, Holyoke, MA, 01040
Phone: (413) 315-2000


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