I’ve been a guest on WWLP-22’s morning show Mass Appeal for over a year now, and I’ve gotten to know the hosts, Ashley Kohl and Seth Stutman, over that time. So, I was so excited to hear the news that Seth was expecting his first baby in early May. With each visit to the set we talked about preparing for the birth and for fatherhood. During my visit in April, we chatted about how Seth and his wife Amanda were planning to have a scheduled cesarean because the baby was in the breech position. He felt that having everything scheduled would be a good thing to help alleviate some of the stress of the whole situation.

As is often the way with childbirth, the Universe had other plans! Seth’s baby decided to make an early appearance! I got the news from Ashley that Seth and Amanda had a beautiful baby girl, and all was well, even if nothing went according to the lower-stress schedule they had envisioned.

Since Seth is such a fun-loving, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy, we decided that for my next visit to Mass Appeal, I would interview him! He shared about his experience of the birth of his baby girl, and offers advice from the trenches of making it through childbirth and surviving parenting a newborn.


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